Friday, November 5, 2010

Concealed carry permit holder shoots self in leg while ordering a beer at a bar

Wayne Latham was convicted of recklessly handling a firearm and ordered to pay a $500 fine, give up his concealed carry permit for a year, and surrender his .45-caliber Glock handgun to police to be destroyed.
The charges were the result of an incident that took place in September. Latham was in a pizza parlor in Lynchburg, Virginia where he ordered a beer. As the bartender was handing over the drink Latham's gun went off shooting him in the thigh. Latham told the court he reached into his pocket to pay when either his hand or something else in his pocket set off his unholstered gun.
Virginia law allows concealed weapons permit holders to carry into restaurants that serve alcohol as long as they abstain from drinking. Charges of carrying a handgun in a restaurant after consuming alcohol were dropped because there was no evidence that Latham had a chance to drink any of the beer he ordered.
Ohh shoot.

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