Monday, February 15, 2010

In 1986 she killed her brother in an accidental shooting. In 1993 she was questioned about pipe bombs. In 2010.......

University of Alabama biology professor Amy Bishop sat in a faculty meeting for an hour before opening fire with a handgun. When the shooting stopped, three people were dead and three more were wounded.
Bishop left the room and called her husband to come pick her up. Her husband was not aware that anything was amiss.
News reports reveal that in 1986 Amy Bishop, then 19, shot and killed her brother with the family shotgun. At the time the shooting was ruled "accidental" and no charges were ever filed.
In 1993, while a student at Harvard, police questioned Bishop about two pipe bombs sent to the home of a Harvard professor. No one was ever charged with mailing the bombs.
A statement issued by the Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus read in part:
"This tragic incident shows once again that an angry individual with access to a deadly handgun can commit mass murder wherever people gather, in workplaces, shopping malls, churches, schools and yes, universities.
This random and horrific attack also demonstrates the futility and irresponsibility of trying to force loaded and concealed handguns onto college campuses as the solution to prevent mass shootings and gun violence. Such a radical policy would risk the safety and security of every faculty member and student on campus on literally a continual basis.
The gun lobby's predictable response to this rampage killing is to arm students and professors, believing in a mistaken 'wild west' fantasy where carrying loaded handguns results in killing armed perpetrators. Nothing could be further from the truth."
Ohh shoot.

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