Friday, January 24, 2014

Sheriff unintentionally shoots his own deputy during standoff with gunman

Davie County, North Carolina Sheriff Andy Stokes told a news conference that a standoff situation was "a mad scramble for a few moments" and "I am the person who shot my own deputy last night."

The incident began when Deputy Chris Fleming attempted to serve an arrest warrant on 19-year-old Scott Tilley in connection with a home invasion. Tilley fled the scene and deputies found him at a mobile home about 90 minutes later. Tilley told police he was holding the juvenile and a man that lives there hostage. He ended up releasing the hostages in exchange for some cigarettes.

During the exchange a police dog went inside the trailer, followed by Fleming, Stokes and three other deputies. Tilley opened fire with a shotgun, striking the dog. Deputy Fleming was hit in the face by pellets that ricocheted inside the home.

Stokes said he then unintentionally shot Fleming in the right shoulder as he was trying to provide cover for the deputies who were leaving the mobile home.

Fleming was taken to the hospital where he is listed in stable condition. The dog died from his wounds.

Tilley ultimately surrendered to the deputies and was taken to the Davie County jail. Police seized a 12-gauge shotgun, a .308 caliber rifle and two handguns from the trailer.


Anonymous said...

And of course the answer to this incident is MORE GUNS.

I am sick and tired of hearing of this happening every day. I am more sick and tired of the gun lobby doing nothing but pocketing the profits.

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