Monday, January 13, 2014

Man shot in head by neighbor trying to clear his handgun

20-year-old Josh DeMerritt, of Rochester, New Hampshire, was sitting in his bedroom when a bullet came smashing through the wall and struck him in the head. Miraculously, Josh was unharmed.

The bullet was unintentionally fired by a neighbor, 25-year-old Corey Field.  Field lives across the street and was trying to clear his handgun.  According to police, because the bullet traveled through several walls and windows, it lost momentum by the time it struck Josh.

Josh said he feels "I was being watched over." He added that the bullet "went from the apartment across the street, through their wall, through two panes of glass, through a set of Christmas light, through a curtain, through a wall, and out the other side of the wall, where it hit me."

Police have charged Filed with two felonies - reckless conduct for allegedly firing the handgun and placing others in danger and falsifying physical evidence for allegedly hiding the firearm in a snowbank after the shooting.

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