Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Concealed weapons permit holder drops gun in Walmart, gun discharges injuring four people

23-year-old Todd Canady, of Waco, Texas, went to Walmart in Dallas to buy some milk Monday night. While he was reaching for his wallet he knocked his .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun out of his pants where it was holstered.
The gun hit the ground and discharged. The bullet struck Canday in the leg, then ricochet off the floor and broke into pieces. The bullet fragments struck two nearby children and a 27-year-old woman.
Canady responded by fleeing the scene.
He was caught after a brief chase and has been charged with evading arrest and could be charged with injury to a child.
Canady had a concealed weapons permit for the gun.


Anonymous said...

As a licensed to carry gun owner, this post doesn't make sense to me - dropped gun hits floor & discharges... bullet would have an upward trajectory with gun firing from ground level, not downward where it would "splash" into fragments upon hitting the floor. Hitting his leg first, then the floor, injuring nearby folks, sounds much more like someone with no holster/ improper holster.

Regardless of the minutiae of how, still seems like a boneheaded (and negligent) gun owner... AND he flees the scene. Moron. Deserves whatever charges can be filed against him.

BTW, thanks for keep up with this blog. I highly recommend your site to fellow responsible gun owners, as you highlight unfortunate (and sometimes tragic) examples of what not to do.

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