Thursday, July 5, 2012

Boy struck in the head by New Year's celebration gunfire still struggling

On New Year's Eve Diego Duran, then 12-years-old, of Ruskin, Florida, was standing in his front yard watching fireworks when he was hit in the head by a stray bullet.
Diego spent weeks in the hospital and is still recovering from the injury. In the months since being injured he has undergone six surgeries. He still suffers short term memory loss.

To bring awareness to the dangers of firing guns in the air as a way to celebrate, Diego's mother and godmother have launched a campaign called Bullet Free Sky. According to their website:
What goes up, must come down. We want to open eyes to this reality, to keep something so preventable from happening to anyone else. When someone shoots randomly into the sky, we are all in danger.
They promoted the campaign on the 4th of July knowing people may be tempted to shoot their guns in the air to celebrate.
No one was every charged in the shooting that injured Diego.

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