Monday, September 19, 2011

Father cleaning handgun unintentionally shoots and kills 14-year-old son

14-year-old Bryan Duda, of Somerset, Pennsylvania, was at home, his father was in the other room cleaning his handgun when he unintentionally discharged the gun. The bullet traveled across the open floor plan of the house and struck Bryan in the chest, killing him.
Family friends told reporters that the father had bought the gun for his job as a security guard at a mine, but had been laid off and wanted to sell the gun, so he decided to clean it. "He just got the gun in case anybody would try to harm him any way, and that way he had something to protect himself with, because we're out there in the middle of nowhere," said a family friend.
Bryan was a freshman at Somerset Area High School and was described as "very fun-loving" and "an easy-going kid." Funeral services will be held Monday.


Anonymous said...

This guy got what he deserved. Always make sure firearms are unloaded before you start and maintenance or repairs on them. Please don't think that every firearm owner is this reckless.

DaveL said...

I don't think any action has been taken against the father, who is the one who fired the shot. Surely you don't mean the 14 year-old kid "got what he deserved?"

Something sounds fishy about this story. Anything involving the old "I was cleaning it and didn't know it was loaded" line usually does. Friends say he recently lost his job - could we be looking at a 'family eliminator' who couldn't go through with it after shooting his son?

Anonymous said...

I was talking about the father. I thought I read that some type of legal action was taken. Sorry. This very well could have been an accident but it's hard to tell without the whole story. If in fact this was an accident it could have VERY easily been avoided by following the four basic rules of firearm safety.