Saturday, July 2, 2022

High school basketball star paralyzed by stray bullet

18-year-old Columbus C. was visiting Indianapolis for a friend's graduation. They were having a high school graduation party in the garage when shots rang out. 

"Shots just get fired out of nowhere. I'm running and I heard the last shot just go through the garage, and just hit me in the back. I took two steps and it was just done," said Columbus

The bullet severed the side of his spinal cord, collapsed his lung and left him paralyzed from the waist down, in a wheelchair with only a five percent chance of ever walking again.

Columbus had just graduated high school and had received a full scholarship to play D-1 basketball at Alabama State University.

"It's hard," said Columbus. "This is me now, so if I want to do better I have to work for it. That's my mindset to work every single day to get back to where I was hopefully."

Police have not made any arrests for the shooting. 

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