Thursday, May 21, 2015

Man looking to buy handgun unintentionally shot

50-year-old Anthony Williamson, of Duluth, Georgia had arranged to buy a handgun from a private seller. Williamson and his friend, Jonathan Jordan, drove to the Academy Sports parking lot in Newnan to meet the seller.

While Jordan was examining the gun he unintentionally discharged the weapon.Williamson was shot in the abdomen. He was airlifted to Atlanta for treatment and was listed in stable condition after surgery.

The County Sheriff's Office said the shooting "appears to be not reckless - just an error in firearm safety."  No charges were filed.

The Sheriff's Office also noted that in Georgia, as in most states, it is legal to sell a handgun in a store parking lot with no background check run and no records kept.


hotelvictorzulu said...

It is very unfortunate, the amount of people in our society today that do not know or do not follow safe gun handling procedures. Always follow the four cardinal rules of firearm safety: Every gun is loaded. Never point your weapon at something you do not intend to destroy. Always keep your finger outside the trigger guard until you are shooting. Always know what your target is and what is beyond it.

Unknown said...

A candidate for the Darwin Awards methinks...

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