Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Town official wants to close gun range after bullet grazes neighbor

A woman was standing in the back yard of a home in Greenburgh, New York when a bullet fragment grazed her leg.  The injury was minor and she was treated at the scene but it raised concern about the safety of a nearby gun range.

Testing confirmed that the bullet came from the Westchester County Police Revolver and Rifle League.  The gun range is operated by a private, non-profit organization and has been operational for seventy years.  However, in that time housing developments and a middle school have grown around them.

Paul Feiner, the Greenburgh Town Supervisor, wants to see the range closed. "I don't think a gun range should be located in a residential neighborhood," he said.

Feiner added that when he contacted the state he was stunned to learn there are no regulations governing gun ranges.  "There's no inspection, they don't need any approvals," he said.

The group has voluntarily ceased operations while police investigate the incident.

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