Thursday, June 19, 2014

Stray bullets hit 10-year-old girl, just miss her 8-year-old sister sleeping nearby

Last month, Indianapolis police responded to a triple homicide in Lakeside Manor. An attempted drug robbery turned into a shoot out where three people were killed. Several nearby homes were struck by stray bullets. One of the homes belonged to Darye and Dija Henry.

The Henrys told reporters that their 10-year-old daughter was hit in the leg by one of the bullets that hit their home. Another bullet hit the pillow of their 8-year-old daughter who was in bed sleeping.

Their daughter was rushed to the hospital were she was treated for a non-life threatening injury.

20-year-old Montrel Humphrey was arrested and charged with three counts of murder and one count of robbery.

In 2011 Dija produced a play called A Song for Peace to bring awareness to crime and violence in Indianapolis.

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