Monday, September 30, 2013

Teen thinks he is shooting snake, shoots friend instead

18-year-old Jared Hemphill, of Seminole County, Florida, was with his friends, 18-year-old Brandon Rape and 21-year-old Dustin Downer. They were driving in a pickup truck near Sanford when they pulled to the side of the road so Brandon could answer the call of nature.

The men saw a large snake in the road and Jared decided to shoot it, using a semi-automatic .22-caliber Remington Speedmaster rifle that belonged to Dustin.

When Jared heard a noise in the bushes he thought it was the snake so he fired the gun. The shot hit Brandon in the left thigh.

The trio drove to meet an ambulance and Brandon was taken to the hospital. Doctors decided to leave the bullet in his leg.

Brandon does not want to press charges so no one will be arrested.

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