Thursday, December 13, 2012

Man shoots granddaughter mistaking her for an intruder

A 61-year-old Rochester, Minnesota man was sleeping when he heard a noise outside at around 11 o'clock Monday night. The man grabbed his 9 mm handgun and told his wife to call the police. He took the gun and went to investigate the noise.
When he saw a figure at the back door the man fired at least two shots. The person at the backdoor was his 16-year-old granddaughter. She was struck once in the upper torso. She was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive her injuries.
The granddaughter had been living with her grandparents for a few months. They thought she was home when they heard the noise outside.
"The homeowner and his wife remain cooperative and are extremely shaken by last night's events," said the local police captain. "It doesn't appear there was any dispute, any problems with the homeowner, his wife or the granddaughter. It's just a tragic event."


Anonymous said...

why would you just fire on an unknown figure? Does having a gun in your made you stupid? (actually, research says it does: it makes you perceive nonthreatening situations as threatening).

Anonymous said...

As a longtime gun owner & CCW licensee - you wouldn't JUST shoot an unknown figure. And what's with going outside? You're in the SECURITY of your home with a defensive weapon. Have the wife call 911 while you, from a position of cover, yell out that you have a gun & will shoot if they enter.

"Sorry grandpa, just me..." and we wouldn't be reading about this incident here.