Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Man shoots gun in air to try and stop people from fighting, bullet hits and kills innocent bystander

21-year-old Anton Louis, of Las Vegas, Nevada, was trying to intimidate some people and also prevent a fight so he fired a .40-caliber Smith and Wesson semi-automatic handgun into the air. The bullet struck 28-year-old Derrion Banks who was standing on the second-story landing in front of his apartment unit.
Derrion was hit in the chest and right arm. He died from the gunshot wounds.
Police received a tip saying the two suspects, Anton Louis and Terrel Johnson, were in a maroon Cadillac at a nearby Walmart. Police stopped the car and asked the driver, Louis' father and the two passengers, Louis and Johnson, if they could search the car for handguns. All three agreed.
Detectives found the .40-caliber handgun wrapped in a sock, stuck in a shoe, inside a suitcase in the trunk.
According to reports, Louis initially admitted to firing the gun in order to stop a fight. He later changed his story and said he did not shoot the gun and challenged detectives to produce an eyewitness to the shooting.
Louis was arrested and charged with one count of murder.

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