Friday, February 24, 2012

Woman in El Paso hit by stray bullet from gun fight in Mexico

48-year-old Maria Romero, of El Paso, Texas, was pushing her one-year-old grandson in a stroller in downtown El Paso when she was struck by a .223-caliber bullet. The bullet hit Maria in her left leg. She has two small holes side by side where the bullet went in and out of her leg just below the knee. She was treated and released from a local hospital. Her grandson was unharmed.
Police believe the bullet was a stray round from a shoot-out between carjackers and police in the Mexican border city of Juarez. Up to 50 shots were fired during the shooting. The bullet that hit Maria is the same caliber as the assault rifles used by Juarez police.
Maria had moved to El Paso from Juarez to avoid the violence that plagues the Mexican border town. "Maybe I was at the wrong place," she told reporters. "Coincidence, perhaps. Thank god, it happened to me and not the boy, the kids, and that it didn't damage a tendon or a vital organ.

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