Monday, July 18, 2011

Another woman named Walker trying to shoot pit bull also shoots and kills partner instead

Back in May an Indianapolis woman, Carolyn Walker, was trying to intervene in a dog fight when she tripped, unintentionally discharging the handgun she was carrying, and shot and killed her partner, 57-year-old Roosevelt Griffin.
This past weekend, Betty Walker, of Houston, Texas, was visiting her son in South Jackson, Mississippi when the neighbor's pit bull threatened some neighborhood children. According to news reports, Robert Walker, 53, picked up the pit bull after it lunged at some children. Meanwhile, his wife, Betty, went inside to retrieve a .38-caliber handgun. When she came out she fired two shots, the first shot hit her husband in the upper right chest while the other shot hit one of the front legs of the pit bull. Walker was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead two hours later.
News reports do not link the two women nor indicate if they are in any way related.
Ohh shoot.

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