Wednesday, January 22, 2014

17-year-old unintentionally shot and killed by stepmother

Cynthia Bowman, of Decatur, Alabama, was hugging her stepson, 17-year-old Kedrick Bowman.  According to reports, when Cynthia walked into their house Monday night, Kedrick came up and put his arms around her and laid his head down.  Cynthia was holding a .380-caliber handgun and when she brought her hand up the gun unintentionally discharged.  The bullet struck Kedrick in the head.

Kedrick was taken to the hospital in critical condition.  He was pronounced brain dead the next day but kept on life support so his organs could be donated.  "His death saved eight lives today," said his father.

His father said the gun was faulty.  He said they had called police about six months ago after the gun randomly discharged while on a dresser in their bedroom.  The store where they bought the gun said there was a faulty spring and replaced the magazine.

Cynthia said she had the gun with her Monday when she got home.  As she was walking toward the house, carrying the pistol, it unintentionally discharged. She told her husband they would have to bring the gun back. It was right after this that the gun discharged again, killing her stepson.

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