Thursday, August 22, 2013

Gun safety instructor who unintentionally shot student was involved in another unintentional shooting in 1977

73-year-old Terry Dunlop, of Violet Township, Ohio, was teaching a gun safety class recently when he unintentionally discharged a .38-caliber handgun he was using as part of the class demonstration. The bullet ricocheted off a desk and struck one of the students.
When Cathy Schmelzer read about the shooting her first thought was, "Oh no, he's done it again!"
In 1977, when Cathy was 14, she was unintentionally shot by Dunlop during a Halloween hayride.
According to a newspaper article at the time, Dunlap said he had fired his .38-caliber handgun into the air to create a "scary effect" while taking his daughter and her friends for a "haunted hayride" on his property. He said he thought the gun was loaded with blanks.
The bullet ricocheted and hit Cathy in the right leg. She required surgery to remove the bullet.
Dunlap wasn't charged with negligent discharge or any other charges because the shooting was deemed "accidental."
The student who was recently shot in Dunlop's class said the class was "very informative, very well laid out." And added that he "learned a lot. Then again, I was accidentally shot."


  1. Can't believe that Dunlop wasn't even charged with negligent discharge.

  2. some people just shouldn't be allowed to have weopons plain and simple...